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Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions enables monitoring of the service levels, track the leads and provide overview of the global commitments and deliveries at any time. It helps in planning, developing, maintaining, and expanding customer relationships, to facilititate the maximization of customer revenues and satisfaction.

CRM is a tool that helps organizations capture a consolidated customer view through multi-channel interactions in a data warehouse solution. Having built the database, sophisticated analytical techniques are applied to this customer information to help better understand and predict customer behavior so that customers’ preferences and priorities can be addressed effectively. CRM can be used to strategically implement acquired customer knowledge in every area of the company, from the highest management level to all employees who come into direct contact with customers.
Features of CRM
  CRM involves
Automating processes in sales, marketing, and service functions.
Increasing the efficiency of these processes to improve customer satisfaction.
Conducting interactions with customers on a more informed basis.
Individually tailoring interactions to suit the specific customer’s needs.
Web based enabling the data addition and retrieval any time, any where.
Compiling information that increases understanding of customer behavior and then analyzing the acquired information to generate customer intelligence that can be used by the marketing function
to find brand new customers, retain existing customers, and cultivate a deeper share of wallet from
all customers.
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The CRM is ideally suited to those organizations where the sales force as well as customers are geographically widespread resulting into need of immediate tracking and delivery pressure at point of production and supply. The point of sales force also then can track their orders fulfillment. Management also gets the whole view of orders in hand and deliveries on daily basis.
Screenshots of CRM
  CRM involves
  Learning Management System (LMS): Recruiters have to always keep track of updated information regarding clients, their requirements of candidates having specific skillets and the candidates who have applied for the posts. CRM helps them save, sort and access the data as and when needed. Here are some examples
  CRM sorts the data for users for instant access.
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  When you click on the contact button, the following page opens. In order to create a new contact, we have to first click the + button.
  In the similar manner, we can also manage the data related to clients. Thus, CRM helps the recruiters organize the important details so they can access and save it easily for efficient work. We will provide the service related to CRM. Such as, installation of CRM, maintenance of CRM & troubleshooting of CRM.
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