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Sellcraft now offers specialized services on Linux platform and open source consulting. Linux is free, increasing the user base exponentially, it has open office and GUI identical to windows, is secure from virus and worms.
System Administration Solutions
  Keeping your IT environment running smoothly requires constant supervision. You need to install patches and application updates, monitor system status and performance for potential problems, and quickly resolve issues no matter what time of day—or night—they occur. While these are important jobs, they can distract your IT staff and keep them from focusing on moving your business forward.
IT support that meets your unique needs
  ViaWest System Administration Solutions provide you with the right level of service your business needs supported via hosting or colocation. Whether you are looking for a little support or a lot, our system administrators can help monitor and manage your systems and perform the day-to-day work needed to
minimize the chances of problems occurring. In addition, our optional analysis and review services allow you to rely on our expertise to provide recommendations that will help your IT infrastructure scale and grow along with your business needs.
Around-the-clock monitoring by experienced IT professionals
  All ViaWest System Administration Solutions are supported by our onsite network operations centers (NOCs), from which our experienced engineers monitor your systems around the clock. If a problem occurs, NOC staff members will immediately attempt to solve it before escalating it to your staff. Because we have the in-house expertise to handle most issues, greater than 80 percent of trouble tickets are resolved by ViaWest engineers. By stopping problems in their tracks, we minimize the need to call in our clients’ IT employees, allowing them to focus on what they do best—building and managing their companies’ revenue-generating products and services. ViaWest System Administration Solutions packages are designed to support either Microsoft Windows or Red Hat Linux operating systems (OSs). While all include patch and update management, around-the-clock monitoring by the onsite NOC, and access to the ViaWest Metrics performance reporting service .
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