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Sellcraft also offers a wide array of useful courses in management. Our training administration services include-
Management of training programs
Database maintenance for core training programs.
Enrollment administration.
Provision of a database for completed training and certification.
Reporting on compliance of training programs.
Dealing with employee queries related to training.
These services will reduce the cost of training in your organization and ensure compliance with company and regulatory body guidelines.

Here is a list of our training programs
Employee training program
  Training program - following training programs are conducted.
Training program Frequency Whom
Induction–details given
On joining
Technical – specific project skills
Start of the project need based
To project team
Skills upgrade
Receipt of new project needing upgraded skills
To project team
Skills upgrade or newer versions
As and when needed
Key employees in need of newer skill areas
As required
As necessary
Summit – Management consultancy group company has conducted following training programs so far.
Strategic planning TQM
Attitude transformation Motivation
Effective communication Empowerment
Team building Time management
Leadership Personality development
Role of HRD in 21st century    
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