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 Job Title : Powertrain Developer
 Job Description : Requirement ID 5322436 Posted On Aug-11-2017
Role name Developer Role Description The partner will work with OEM engineers to:1) Provide Powertrain System Support for Transmission System Design, Torque System design, Fuel system design, Air flow system design, Spark management system design2) Provide engineering studies, documentation, and failure root cause analysis 3) Develop system and subsystem requirements including network signals, DFMEA, DVP4) SW validation on HIL 5) Plant support
Competencies EIS : Powertrain Experience (Years) 2-4
Essential Skills Development of System Level requirements, development/maturation of Vehicle level system requirement document, Component Technical specifications and DVPs based on requirements and their validation on HIL/Vehicle Domain:1) General Understanding of Automotive Domain2) Understanding of Transmission systems, To
 Location : Pune
 Experience : 2 to 4 years
 Skill Set : Powertrain,SDLC,Spark
 Job Type : Contractual
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